Microsoft Email Help

Microsoft email addresses (Hotmail, Live, Outlook) are currently flagging our order notification emails as spam, so please check your Junk/Spam folder if you don't receive a confirmation email after placing your order. You can also add us to your address book to ensure our emails don't get filtered out:

1. Log into your email account at
2. You should be on the address book page already, but if not click the 'People' icon in the bottom left:

209x47 - Outlook-Contacts

3. Click the 'New Contact' button near the top-left of the page:

257x99 - Outlook-New-Contact

4. Enter the first name as 'Costco' and surname as 'Photo', then add the email address as ''
5. Finally, click the 'Create' button to add us to your address book

Once this is done, order update emails should land straight in your inbox rather than being flagged as spam.